Update on project

May 10, 2011 at 11:14 PM

Hi all,

The project has sat somewhat idle for a while - one good reason is that I've had quite a bit of time off work sick, among other challenges.

Snomtastic started as a work project for myself and Jamie - we designed it around our Snom/OCS deployment to address the dual need of provisioning and managing phones on an ongoing basis. We co-designed it, but Jamie has done the hard work of coding it to date since I'm not a developer as a rule (I can take credit for a lot of nice ideas in there though :-) ). My IT team use it on a daily basis to manage our Snom deployment, and it's greatly simplified our own lives; the Snom/OCS deployment is far superior to the old PABX we had :-)

We worked very hard on the release, testing all kinds of scenarios, firmware, and configs. We were very proud of what we managed, but even better - our employer generously permitted us to open source our efforts after we had successfully delivered our PABX replacement project. It's very cool to see others successfully using it as well!

I know that there has been updates to the code in our production in order to address issues found, which we need to get uploaded, and I'm going to follow that up.

One of our challenges going forward is, of course, balancing work against maintaining the project. We have some great ideas for where Snomtastic should go in future (see Issue Tracker for some) but time has tended to be against us. However, one of the purposes of open sourcing it was to enable others to contribute for the benefit of everyone.

I have updated our "positions vacant" to reflect more accurately what's needed - that is, that we're looking for people who can run Snomtastic against their Snom hardware, and contribute fixes, features, and enhancements. I'm happy to look after things on a co-ordinator basis to ensure that things stay in line, but we certainly can use contributors. I'd ask that you confirm your ability to meet the requirements if you join up, and of course to actively use the issue tracker to track any bugs and flag enhancements/features so that we can all stay on the same page.

I anticipate that Snomtastic usage will only grow, especially since Snom now holds certifications for OCS/Lync, so I guess this is a good opportunity to positively affect deployments of all sizes - especially given the positive view that the Snom team themselves have taken of the project!

In any case, thanks to all who've already contributed, and those who've helped one another to get up and running. I think it's a very cool aspect of open source :-)